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→ just changed my sidebar image ← 

it represents my main fandoms

but I’m a new Inspirit so I hope fellow Inspirits can help me ^^;;

/inserts aegyowoo.gif here

anyways,do you like my new sidebar?

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  1. kittokki answered: yes.
  2. phooggs answered: me likey..likelikelike :)
  3. heartworts answered: yess
  4. myeongthoo answered: An Inspirit here! :)
  5. db5k-eternally answered: yes
  6. namugyus answered: likelikelikelike
  7. jikooked said: WOW I LUB IT HEHE
  8. oxygen-overdose answered: I am almost everything ‘cept that I’m also a VIP and sort of an Inspirit? XD NICE SIDEBAR (:
  9. socksand-flowers answered: yeah man! its awesomee!!
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